I thought sleep would come easy after basketball season. After the nights of tossing and turning and chasing my mind around the court. Basketball plays and gym paperwork and bus schedules and more paperwork and practice plans and stats and well, you get the picture.

I was wrong.

2:00am seems to be, both my husband’s and my, waking time. There is no full moon right now, so I can’t use that excuse. Often a full moon adds to my troubles. Don’t ask me why, (And if you know why, add it in the comments below) but over the years I’ve had people tell me that they have trouble sleeping when there’s a full moon, and sure enough, it’s often the case for me. Is it the power of suggestion? I don’t know. All I know is, that I’m not sleeping.

So even with no basketball to think about, just normal life stuff, my eyes pop open and my brain starts running. I try deep breathing, even yoga if I can peel myself from the bed. Jim Brickman piano music or going to a peaceful place in my mind. I can see the peaceful place, the view of the lake from the top of Wild Horse Island. The deserted beach in Cabo (before the influx of evening sand flees). The cozy cabin on Orcas. And there are others. I have tried many, but they don’t work. Nothing works. Nothing brings me peace.

My husband gives up and heads to the gym at 5:15am. I should go play basketball, and used to on occasion, but the only thing I like about working out in the morning is that the workout’s over. That’s not enough for me. I close my eyes tight and try again. If I work hard, I can do it! I take a deep breath in and let out slowly. Relax Sonya, Relax. Let your body go.

Damn it!

The last couple days, or should I say nights? Mornings? I’ve given up. I grab my journal and computer and head to the kitchen, make a cup of hot tea and get to work. My new YA novel is all the better for it. I guess with sleepless nights, and basketball season over, I may actually finish this book sooner than I thought.

Who knew insomnia would be a good thing.