The Blue Bomber is Beautiful again!

She’s back to her original Blue Star splendor.


I haven’t posted about my recent adventures. So here I go. It all started back in March. Jason and I had plans to go to La Paz, Mexico to pick up our Vanagon, the Blue Bomber (See previous post for my solo trip to Mexico). We would spend a week moseying up the Baja Peninsula toward home, or so we thought. Plans changed.

Our drive time was reduced to four days instead of seven. No complaining, however, because the drive time was cut short for good reasons. We had an unexpected trip to Nevis beforehand, and we had plans to watch Cass run at Indoor Nationals in New Mexico, at the end of the trip. Like I said, nothing to complain about, it just rushed our Baja adventure a bit. Still, between time on the road, we managed to squeeze in a lot of sun, sand, sunsets, and sunrises.

But before I tell you about the trip, I’ll give you a peek into the last few weeks. We were like rock stars (rock stars who fly in the cheap seats). I have never been on so many flights in such a short amount of time. Eleven flights (counting layovers). And the two weeks before we left, Jason and I had Covid (twice in a row). Twenty days, gone. That being said, flying seemed a little less stressful after having Covid. Vaccinated, masked, and with a natural immunity boost, I was ready to travel.


We got four hours of sleep the night before we flew to Mexico. Then after a two-hour car ride to La Paz, we were ready to see the Blue Bomber. A giant gate opened and there she was, late […]

VANAGON ADVENTURES: Road-Trip Travels, Trails & Tales (Seattle to Tijuana, Mexico)

I love roadtrips, especially when they’re in my 1989 VW Vanagon, the Blue Bomber. A vanagon roadtrip is always an adventure. Last month, on Instagram, I posted about my first road trip in the Blue Bomber twenty-three years ago. We had just bought the van and I drove it down the west coast and then back north. I was pregnant and traveling with my 2-½ year old daughter and our boxer dog. I had no cell phone and we broke down three times, but always found our way. My most recent journey was from Seattle to Tijuana, Mexico. I gathered my Instagram post into one giant blog so that you can read about my adventure if you missed it on Social Media.

The drive to Mexico was prompted by the need for bodywork and a new paint job on the Blue Bomber. It is old and rusting, so the metal is getting damaged. A few years back I crunched the front too (which I just hate), and all the seals are leaking, so when I drive, rainwater now drops on my head from the sunroof. I have put all sorts of money on keeping the engine running smoothly, it was time to take care of the outside.

Good bodywork on a vanagon is extremely expensive. Last summer when I was talking to the owner of Peace Vans (the one in charge of keeping my Blue Bomber bombing down the road), he suggested I check out Live The Van Life. There was one caveat; I would need to leave my van in Mexico for several months. I swallowed, I wasn’t sure that I could do that. I glanced at my van, I hated the rust and dirt and mess that it had become.

I checked out the Live The Van Life website and then […]

Meet Sonya

Sonya Elliott’s memoir, Back on the Court: A Young Woman’s Triumphant Return to Life, Love & Basketball, is her story of finding hope in the wake of tragedy […]


Meet Sonya

Sonya Elliott’s memoir, Back on the Court: A Young Woman’s Triumphant Return to Life, Love & Basketball, is her story of finding hope in the wake of tragedy […]



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