There is something frightening about putting myself out there as a writer. I’ve published a book and a magazine article, attended many classes and conferences, spent hours writing, but I don’t always think of myself as a writer, promote myself as a writer. Why is that?

Maybe it’s because the event that jump-started my writing, and my first book, Back on the Court, took the life of someone I love. I wrote my memoir to share my journey of grief and recovery and during that process I fell in love with the written word. But finding success in the wake of such tragedy is bitter sweet.

As a college athlete I pushed my body and mind to the limits in practice so that by the time I hit the court I had no fear. I was nervous and excited, but not afraid. Once again, I am taking from my experience as an athlete. I am practicing writing, letting go of the fear and continuing to share my story.

Coming soon…my new Back on the Court book trailer.