During the summer my daughter is often a sub for my basketball teams. A couple of weeks ago, she played for one of my teams that she’s never played with before and after the game she climbed into the van and said, “That is the least fun I have ever had playing basketball.”

I agreed with her. (well since I’m old there may have been a few times in my life that have been worse, but it certainly hadn’t been fun.) What made the game bad, is that there were two women who complained the whole time and basically barked out orders. Nothing my daughter, or any of us did, was right.

The overall energy was negative. I could feel it, and as a 17-year-old playing in a women’s rec-league, my daughter could really feel it. I thanked my daughter for helping out (we were short players) and assured her that she wouldn’t have to play with that team again, nor did I want her to. If there is anything that is important to me, it is that my kids enjoy the sports that they participate in.

My daughter plays on my Thursday night league, but those teammates, encourage and support her and make her feel a part of the team. Having and sharing a positive attitude is so important and makes a huge difference on the court and in everything you do.

 “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
-Winston Churchill