I’ve been coaching for 25 years, and with every team that I’ve had, I like to keep things simple, focus on the fundamentals. That doesn’t mean that I won’t throw in a triangle and 2 defense or adjust my offense, but that’s once the players know the fundamentals and understand the basic offenses and defenses that we are running.

When talking about the importance of fundamentals, my husband always brings up wrestling  (He was a State Champion wrestler and his dad, also his coach, is a Hall of Fame Wrestling Coach) He’ll watch a wrestling match and say to me, “Why is that guy trying that crazy move? He should stick with the basics; a Cradle. A Half-Nelson. My dad always reminded us before the State Tournament, ‘Dance with the girl that brung ya’.'”

I haven’t pulled out that quote in practice, but I like what it says. Instead of trying all kinds of crazy things, especially as you advance into playoffs, remember and focus on what got you there. Maybe you have killer man-to-man that has worked for you all season, stay with it. Not that you can’t toss in a Box and 1 or something to adjust to the team that you are playing against but don’t forget your man-to-man and the fundamentals that made that work for you.

Dance with the girl that brung ya.

Think about how this might apply to your life…