About once a month I speak at a massage school during their trauma unit. I was a trauma patient after I was hit by a train back in 1991, and receiving massage was a huge part of my healing. I was also a Liscenced Massage Practioner for 18 years (but life got in the way of me actually doing it for a living) so I understand both perspectives.

When I meet with the class we gather in a big circle and I share my experience with trauma and massage, and I invite the students to ask as many questions as possible. This week when I was talking I was reminded again of how important basketball was to my recovery. Having something I was passionate about to focus on, helped me to stay motivated when rehab was tough and believing that life was still worth living was tough. I would grab a ball, roll it around in my hands, breath in the sweet smell of leather and hit the hardwoods. First it was just dribbling back and forth all alone but eventually I was back on the court, doing what I love.

If you are going through tough times, find something that you are passionate about to help you find your way.