This morning I was plopped in front of my computer, staring at the screen, fingers motionless, wondering what tidbit of basketball I should write about. nothing came to me. I stared some more. Maybe I was tired (and a little grumpy) from my lousy game last night. My shot was WAY off and my energy level in the tank. Hustle is generally the best part of my game…but not last night. So there I was sitting, moping, hoping for inspiration, when I heard a bounce, and another bounce, and another bounce and a swish. Mind you this was 9:00am on a school day.

I smiled. The neighbor boys were getting ready to head off to school. Ahhh. My smile spread across my face while I listened to the ball bounce and swish and bounce and swish for several minutes until our front yard basketball hoop, that entices young and old, fell silent.

That’s what it’s about. Tossing in a few shots before you have to sit in the class room all day. Grabbing a friend and battling it out in a little one on one. Self commentating as you, alone, dart around the court to make the buzzer beating 3-point shot to win the game. Whether you play in high school, college, or are an old rec-leaguer like me, whether you’re a coach, or a parent watching it all, remember what this game is really about. Remember the fun, and remember the love of the game.