My mom was in town for three days. It was a chance for us girls (me, my mom and my daughter) to celebrate a belated Birthday/Mother’s day present for my mom, our Oma. I had planned to get tickets for a concert downtown and perhaps go to the theatre as well, but I didn’t find music, or an act, at the usual venues that I thought my mom would truly enjoy.

However, I did find a free concert at a local coffee shop in our neighborhood (C & P Coffee House), and on an Instagram post my daughter found Dancing Until Dusk, which involved free swing dance lessons and live music at Westlake Park. So we went for it. During my mom’s visit we also took pleasure in beach combing at low tide on Alki, spent an afternoon making jewelry, and an evening taking in the view of Seattle while enjoying fish tacos at Marination.

And we did it all on near to nothing.

I wasn’t trying to be stingy, in fact I was ready to spend money, it was a celebration, but as I know (and it doesn’t hurt to get reminded from time to time), you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun. It’s how you spend your time that is important. And let me tell you, we spent our time wisely, and had a blast.

Spend time doing things that you love with the people who you love…