DSC_0708 - Version 2If you love to play basketball it makes it easier to work at practice everyday. Having passion for your sport or activity makes working hard easier, but it doesn’t mean that it will always be easy. Practice is practice, and it’s not always fun.

If you’re finding it hard to get out of bed and get to work on the court, take a moment to listen to your body and mind. Sometimes it’s a matter of pushing yourself a bit more but there are times when you need a break.

Is your body hurting, not sore, but hurting? Take a short break to heal.

Do you feel burnt out? Have you lost your passion? Your love of the game can get covered up by expectations and stress. Will I make Varsity? Will I start? Will I be good enough to play in college? Will I be able to keep my grades up? What will my parents think? What will my peers think? What will my teammates think?

Take a moment to listen to your heart and soul.

Often all it takes is a reminder of why you are on the court, of your love of the game, and that alone will give you the energy to push through the tough days and work hard. If you need a quick break to rekindle your passion, take it. Eat healthy and get lots of sleep and then get out of your head and onto the court, and have fun.

If you LOVE to play, then PLAY! Fuel your passion with your love of the game.