There is nothing more exciting than the playoffs. They are fun to watch, and to be a part of, because the level of talent increases, as well as the pressure, and anything can happen. We play basketball, and sports, and watch the games, because you never truly know what will happen.

Things can get crazy, and that’s why as a player, and as a coach, you have to go into every single game with intensity. I used to tell my girl’s, “Leave it all on the court ladies.” Meaning, give one hundred percent (and maybe a little more), and understand that if you give your best, that no matter the final score, you should have no regrets. Sadness and disappointment, yes, but regrets? No.

So if you’re a player or a coach heading into playoffs. Pull up you boot straps (or should I say tie up your hoop shoes) and get to work, give it your all, and have a blast. And, if you’re a fan…hold on for a wild ride.