The Holidays are always a little hectic for me, especially since it comes smack in the middle of basketball season, and this year the day after Christmas our basketball team met at 4:00am to catch a flight to California and returned December 30th at 10:30pm. We met friends early the next day, stayed out late New Year Eve and had friends over to watch football on New Years Day. I had a great time but today I was tired.

I could really tell I was in need of a break when my husband asked me to go play basketball after my practice this morning and I said, “No.” I waffled several times after my initial response, (because there was a part of me that wanted to be on the court), but for once, I didn’t REALLY want to play.

I am way behind on my To Do list and since I had been going non-stop all week, I decided to stay home and work, but as soon as my husband left, I couldn’t get motivated. Finally I gave up and moved to the couch. Thirty minutes later the front door flew open and so did my eyes and amazingly enough I felt refreshed and ready to stat our last basketball game and put away Christmas decorations.

Sometimes we just need a break. Maybe it’s an entire weekend away or maybe it simply means taking the time for a quick nap to recharge for the day. Do what you need to keep yourself healthy and happy this New Year!

Wishing you all the best in 2015!