Author, Model, Mom & Basketball Fanatic

Sonya Elliott’s memoir Back on the Court: A Young Woman’s Triumphant Return to Life, Love & Basketball, is her story of finding hope in the wake of tragedy after she and her fiancé were hit by a train. She blogs about writing, basketball and life and is currently working on a Young Adult Novel and a Non-Fiction Coaching book. Stories of her career as a fashion model are woven through her memoir, as both the Soloflex and Easy Spirit Shoes commercials were filmed during that time period, and this unique and intriguing business continues to be a part of her life.

Sonya played basketball at Eastern Washington University and was a starter for the Big Sky Champion team that went the 1987 NCAA tournament. She coached for almost 25 years and was voted Seattle Times Coach of the year, Seattle Officials Women’s Basketball Association Coach of the Year, and twice voted Metro League Coach of the Year. She loves the game of basketball and is thankful, not only for her husband and kids, but for her ability to continue to get back on the court.

“Back on the Court is an intimate glimpse into the depth of love we all want, the type of tragedy we all fear, and the strongest hope we all seek. No one can read this story and walk away unchanged.”    -Catherine L. Crosslin, CEO and Managing Partner of Instar Performance

“A heartfelt testament to the power of sheer human perseverance…” -Abigail Carter, Author of The Author of The Alchemy of Loss

“…a story of resilience and love that helps us remember the healthy way to heal from our tragic, and even not so tragic, losses… Sonya found writing and basketball and we are all the richer for it.” -Ann Sparling White, MS, LMHC, NCC

“Sonya Elliott’s reflections will imprint upon the reader’s heart and soul…” -Tom Newel, Director of NW Sports Institute & Development