I bought some dumbbells a few years ago. For a majority of the time they’ve been in a basket, on the landing at the top of the stairs. I envisioned doing yoga and exercises there in the cozy space, but for some reason that space, and the weights, rarely got used. During the summer I put the dumbbells, along with my yoga matt and a few other exercise gadgets, outside on the back patio and a used them a lot. But when the fall weather hit, up they went to the landing, where they sat.

Last week, I decided that I need to lift weights again. Although I would like to lift heavier weights, I don’t feel comfortable going to a gym right now with the pandemic, so I stationed my tiny bit of workout gear on our kitchen floor. It’s not the perfect place, but they are visable, and accessible, which in my case, makes working out, much more likely. It’s hard to ignore the pile when they stare at me while I’m standing at the kitchen island making breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

The pile may not look that great sitting there on my kitchen floor, but gaining more tone is more important, and it’s not like I’m having company over with Covid anyway. However, when I can have people over again, maybe I’ll be a little more buffed. Whether it’s weights, your yoga matt, or your indoor bike trainer, try to store, or set up, your workout equipment where it’s handy, a place that is easy to access or maybe a spot in your house where you really enjoy going. Sometimes we need every little bit of help we can get to stay on track with our workouts. I know I do.

What helps you to stick with your workouts?