I’m a sucker for a great basketball movie and here are three that you’ve got to watch. When I was a high school coach I would always have a “movie night” and show one of these three movies to the team. Each is based on an inspiring and thought provoking true story.


Coach Carter is the true story of Ken Carter who made headlines for his emphasis on the importance of academics over athletics. I don’t want to ruin the movie if you haven’t seen it, but he even benches his entire team and locks them out of the gym to prove his point. As you can imagine, the athletes and the community are not happy about it. Watch the movie tonight and find out what happens!


Believe in Me is the story of a girl’s basketball team in a small Oklahoma community during the mid-1960’s who want to play basketball just as much as the boys do. The movie, based on the book, Brief Garland: The True Story of coach Jim Keith, delves into the inequalities in girls sports pre-Title IX and tells the story of the coach, and the young women, who work for the chance to play the game they love. (BTW: In the movie the girl’s play five-on-five, but during that time in history girl’s played a six-on-six half-court game, some states still played the half-court game up until the early 1990’s. Learn more about the history of women’s basketball HERE & HERE)


In 1965, Texas Western Coach Don Haskins recruits a team based on talent rather than race, and even though the team is winning, the conservative community is upset about it. Learn more about Texas Western’s challenges on the way to the NCAA Tournament in this powerful movie.

What are some of your favorite basketball movies?