Some people just have a natural feel for the ball but even if you start out with great ball handling skills there is always room for improvement. And if you are a player like me, a player who has never been terribly comfortable handling the ball, there is still hope. It’s called hard work.

If you put in the time, you will improve. I spent most of my career putting extra time on the court, and though to this day I’m still not very graceful with the ball, I can get the job done. When I was in college, I could help get the ball up the court against a press if I had to, and I actually loved running a fast break. And that’s only because I worked at it.

I’m still not crazy about bringing the ball up the court. I spent my life as a small forward, but I do know that on the court, as in life sometimes, you need to do things that you are not thrilled about and if that’s dribbling the ball, then you need to spend more time with a ball in your hands. There is always something you can do to become a better player, or to get better at whatever it is you strive to do.

Find links to ball handling skill work below and remember you can take a basketball almost anywhere. Get an outdoor ball and dribble as you walk to school, dribble on the sidewalk in front of your house, dribble in your driveway. You don’t need a hoop just a ball and the desire to improve your game.

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