I’ve always tried to do the things that I love to stay healthy and happy. Sometimes I put me second to everything and everyone else in my life, and that’s okay for a while, but as my good friend and writer Jenny says, “no one can pour from an empty cup.” So that’s what this blog is about, staying healthy by finding what it is that makes you happy, and doing it.

Other than my time at the computer writing, I am usually on the go. I walk my dog, go up and down stairs in my house all day long, work in the yard, and stay busy managing and fixing real estate properties. But what keeps me fit, is taking the time to do the things I love. I play tennis and run on occasion, but what gets me moving, is knowing that I need to stay in shape to keep playing basketball. 

Basketball is dear to my heart. I have always loved to play, not to mention the game literally helped save my life after I was in an accident years ago. When I was 24 years old (more than half my lifetime ago), I lost my fiancé and nearly lost my own life, and basketball gave me a reason to live. Or maybe better said, it gave me a goal to achieve, which when I was in the depth of grief, was one in the same.

With a shattered right arm (my shooting arm) and a broken right femur, as well as other injuries, my return to basketball seamed unlikely to most, but I set a goal to play again. While going through rehabilitation to get my body strong, the focus and exercise helped me work through my grief as well. And by the time I was able to get back on the basketball court, I realized that life was still worth living.

Since then, I have tried to do just that…live life. Oh, I’m not perfect. Sometimes, even often, I whine and get real lazy, but it’s during these times that I remind myself that if I find, and do, activities that I enjoy, I will feel better physically and mentally. And if I do them, and other activities, regularly, they will keep me healthy and happy and on the basketball court. 

What do you love to do? What helps you to stay active, healthy and happy?

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