I love to hike. I don’t always like the drive to get to the hike but once I’m there, I’m in heaven. My daughter loves to hike too, and I feel grateful that I am still able to go on hikes with her. Last year we scrambled up Mailbox Peak. We were both in heaven.

Recently an old high school friend, and basketball teammate, touched base about doing some of the Pacific Crest Trail. I was ALL in (but not the whole trail at once). It’s been so exciting to start planning to hike sections of the PCT. In the past I have lived vicariously through other hikers who have done the trail, and I’m looking forward to at least getting a glimpse into the experience.

And though I am no hardcore hiker (I’m more of a hike hard and then come back for a shower and a glass of wine kind-a-gal), I have hiked and camped out for several days at a time, many times over my lifetime so I’m game for the challenge. And even better, I’m super excited to spend time on the mountain reconnecting with a friend.

Do you hike? What are your favorite trails? Have you done the PCT? What fitness activities do you enjoy with your friends?

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