Every time I get bumped around on the basketball court I say, “I’ve gotta lift weights!” I actually do lift weights, but not enough. I can feel my 52 years on the court, and by that I mean I’m not as strong and tough as I used to be, and as I’d like to be to be able to play at the level I want to play at. And stay safe.

I know that I can’t turn back the clock, but when I get in the gym at least a couple of times a week to lift it helps, it helps by keeping me strong.

The things I enjoy doing in my life inspire me to stay fit. I want to be a better basketball player so I add lifting to my life. I even enjoy lifting, it just seems that the rest of my life often gets in the way until I remember basketball and how the lifting helps me on the court.

What do you think about lifting weights?

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