I live near a beach and when the kids were young almost every weekend we would walk to the beach. It was a good haul. A couple miles, but a couple miles of fun. Walking, talking and through most of the kids lifetimes, catching. We usually brought a football and once we hit the beach my husband would toss the ball to the kids and they would run and dive and catch the ball and then run it back to him like a golden retriever and then it would all start again. We loved walking to the beach.

Recently, the sun was out and my husband and I were having coffee on the front patio and I looked at him and I said, “walk/ride to the beach?” it was just the two of us, and our dog Bruno, but we did it, I walked with Bruno (I prefer to walk) and he rode along side of me (he has bad knees and prefers to ride), and together, our lives inspired our workout, first to the beach and then later we met at Lincoln park and run/rode and did stairs. We did what our bodies prefer and worked them together so that we could enjoy one another.

What are some ways that your fitness is inspired by your family or your spouse, or your friends? What are activities that you enjoy doing together?

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