About three years ago I decided I should try tennis. (I can’t play basketball forever…or can I?) Anyway, tennis is supposed to be a lifetime sport, so I figured it would be a good one to work on. I started with tennis lessons, they were a lot of fun and they gave me a great workout. That’s until I sprained my wrist (tennis) and then got a frozen shoulder (basketball). It took about a year until I was back at it and then decided to join a team. Once on the team I realized that I like tennis, but I don’t really love it.

I hate to admit it, but I find games a little boring (I guess I’m used to the hustle of basketball). I enjoy the women in my group, but after this season ends I may just stick to classes and hitting around with my husband. I get a good workout and learn a lot in classes and when my husband and I hit around (we don’t serve; we just start with a rally and play to 21). We have a blast and leave the court sweaty. We love it, and sometimes even get together with a couple of friends and play King/Queen of the court (or sometimes an actual game) and of course work hard enough that we earn ourselves a drink. 😉

I’m glad I’ve given tennis a try. It may not have turned out quite how I thought, but I will keep playing for fun, which helps to keep me in shape while I’m at it. And who knows, in a few years I might come back for more, and try being on a team again.

What new sports or activates have you added to your schedule or given a try?

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