I like to run, sort of. I don’t like running long distance (too many miles on my body that I’d rather use pounding the hardwoods), but I do like shorter distances, less than three miles. When I do a running workout, I usually just jog/run to a spot, pick a couple of trees or telephone poles that are maybe 50-80 meters apart and then do a little sprint workout.

Well, I’m using the word sprint very loosely here because my emphasis is on not pulling a muscle, so what I do is more like a fast jog, but that, to me, is better than ten miles at a slow jog. Which is not to say ten miles is bad, it’s just not what I like. Find what you like, and then even push yourself a little.

Last year, I decided to run in a track meet, as a “fun” way to stay fit for basketball. It gave me a goal and also fueled my competitive side; I was curious how I might do. I chose the 400 meters (I ran the 300 Meter Hurdles in high school, but the hurdles sort of scared me back then, so why take a chance when I’m over 50 years old. 400 Meters made more sense).

The race was awful. I was nervous, even though there were almost no other people in my age group, and I thought I was going to die by the time I got to the end of one fricking lap. But I did it. And then, did I say I was competitive, my time was good, really good for an old lady, so I ran it in another meet. Call me crazy, but I’m planning to do it again this year.

So do things you love to do, and push yourself a little from time to time. It might be awful, or it might be great, or if you’re lucky, it might be both.

What new activities have you tried? How have you pushed yourself lately? Tell us about it?

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