Sonya G Elliott - followOn Thursday, while writing with Jenny, we designed a crazy prompt for ourselves, and when our fingers hit the keys they started flying and didn’t stop. Sometimes prompts peter out for me, an idea gets convoluted in my mind somehow and I think too much instead of just writing what comes. This happens to me more than I’d like to admit, but on those days when I can’t stop, and the words just flow, its magical.

Jenny and I are both working on books, so often we simply start working when we are together. Sometimes we write a quick catch up letter about our week (so we can visit but not talk too much), but Thursday we decided to write about our week differently, we wrote a story about our week that was told in third person. Our ten-minute prompt writing went longer than planned and both of us had starts of something grand, at least it felt that way. But what was important, was the flow and energy and the knowledge that the writing could come so easily, that the days of pushing through have heavenly moments.

And oh is it worth it! Write on!

WRITING PROMPT: Make what happened during your week into a story.