I’ve been locked out of my website for a few days. Talk about frustrating. Especially since I am not great with tech. I tried my password and clicked on a few buttons and that was it, after that I had no idea what else to do. This is when I would normally call or email someone for help, except there was no phone number or email to contact.

These days, as consumers we are expected to search the support page for answers. What the heck? I don’t even know what I’m looking for!

Fortunately, I’m back on, or back in, or whatever you say, and the whole frustrating experience gave me a good idea for a writing prompt.

WRITING PROMPT #1: Write about what frustrates you.

WRITING PROMPT #2: Write about a time you got locked out of your email, or your house, or something or someplace important.

WRITING PROMPT #3: Raven opened her laptop, turned it on and…