My Monday’s Pen to Paper, became Tuesday’s Pen to Paper, but I still have writing inspiration from that day, Memorial Day. It just so happened that my son had a basketball tournament in Everett. Someone I love is buried there. I dropped my son off early to warm up for his game and then drove the 6 blocks to the cemetery. It had been a while. My heart ached. I felt a little lost. The rhododendrons had grown. I walked up to the grave, took in a deep breath and listened to the memories swimming in my head. All around me there were American flags pushed into the ground. I thought of all those lost in battle, those still battling. There was a different intensity, sadness and also pride for those who had given their lives for our country. I brought my attention back home and took a seat in the grass. “This would be the perfect place to write.” I thought. And I would have, had I not had a basketball game to hustle back to.

Find a cemetery near you, and with your journal in hand, breathe in the energy around you and write.