Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with life. This didn’t happen to me often before I had a family. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade the husband, the kids and the dogs for a less hectic life. (Well, at least not permanently.) And though they are usually what gets me behind schedule, I love being with them. Watching the kids play sports, perform in a recital. Watching the SuperBowl together (Go Seahawks!!!). Having lunch with my husband. Walking the dogs.

Getting behind on thing can be frustrating. For example, Monday’s Pen to Paper is about to happen on Tuesday, I have three thank you cards to write and send that have been on my “To Do” list for two weeks,  and I am way behind on updating stats for the basketball team that I coach.

But if there is one thing I’ve learned after nearly loosing my life in an accident 20 years ago, and loosing someone I love, it is that all the “little stuff” can wait. It might bug me, it might bug other people at times, but in the end what’s really important is sharing time with the people I  love.

…As long as eventually, I do get my “stuff” done.

WRITING PROMPT: Write about one person that is important to you.