Photo Credit: Jeff Zaruba

Photo Credit: Jeff Zaruba

I’ve never been one for routine. Not that I wouldn’t want to have a little more of a schedule to my life but it’s just never been the type of life that I’ve led. I guess when I was playing and coaching basketball competitively there was some routine, but practices where often moved around, do to gym availability, and we were traveling with games, so there was always some change.

And though I have loved having a career as a fashion model, it is far from routine. Castings and jobs vary tremendously and often happen spur of the moment. Not conducive to a regular schedule. When I was in my 30’s I fantasized about getting up every morning and meditating and doing yoga. Having a morning ritual. But I also like sleep, and I had two young kids and for many years fought a chronic sinus infection (a story all it’s own). So, I never followed that path. I worked out when I could and had a bit of a routine of playing basketball.

When I hit my 40’s my life was pretty chaotic. I was modeling, coaching, raising (and chauffeuring) kids and writing every spare moment I could find. It was difficult to maintain any routine. I especially dreamed, and still dream, of being consistent with my writing instead of sneaking in words here and there or on writing get-a-ways. I want to write every day. And though, as I’m nearing 50, I’m not quite where I want to be, I have added somewhat of a routine to my writing life, blogging each week and meeting my friend Jenny every Thursday to write.

Day by day I plan to add more routine to my life, not a ton (I like my freedom and having spontaneity), but enough routine so that I find time for me each day. My husband has developed a routine over the last several years of working out early in the morning. He now has a good group of friends that he enjoys seeing at the YMCA, and having those friends helps him to get up when that alarm goes off. Every Friday he meets another group of friends for breakfast. He’s found some daily routines that help him to, not only stay in shape, but to stay in touch with his friends and to enjoy living.

I like the idea of more routine in my life and am working toward a more flexible form of it (I wouldn’t want to get too crazy). For several weeks now I’ve been working out Monday, playing basketball Tuesday, lifting weights Wednesday, and doing early morning yoga on Thursday. I’m walking the dogs on longer walks more regularly (their pretty happy about that), and not only am I starting to get in shape again, I find that I like the routine. And with this new routine, I find hope in my ability to add meditation/yoga and more writing to my schedule. Good routine.

Do you have routines in your life? Do you need/want more or less? What can you do to change that?

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