Sonya Elliott blog Memories

All weekend I’ve been sorting through photos. I’m putting together a little something for my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary (Surprise Mom). It’s been slow going as I have a box of old family photos from the time before I had a camera, photo albums from the time I got my Kodak to the time my son was born (about 17 years of albums),and then back to boxes of half-labeled envelopes of photos after Cass was born, (yes Cass, we did take photos of you when you were a baby too) up until I got a Mac Book for my 40th birthday nearly 7 years ago. Then I went digital.

That wasn’t much better. I swore I would keep up with the photos and photo albums, and did for the first 6 months. Now, as of three weeks ago, my computer is so full of photos that I can not download more onto it. All this to say, the search for Anniversary photos was not a simple task, however, it was a fun one.

As I thumbed through photos I’d grab my iPhone and snap a picture of a picture and text it to a friend. A moment from the past that I’d forgotten had been captured.  A time when their kids and my kids were young and holding hands or playing baseball together. That’s when I thought of the perfect writing prompt, even if it was a day late.

Writing Prompt: I remember when…