We have an old Carnegie Library in our neighborhood. It’s beautiful. When my kids were young, we visited it all the time. We spent hours there gathering books and listening to story time. I remember thinking what a perfect place to just come and read or write or relax. Surrounded by books and history and quiet.

My kids grew older and our visits to the library less. The kids started checking out books at school and I took a position as head coach at the local high school, so I didn’t have many spare moments to go to the library. When I stepped down as head coach this season I made a commitment to finish my book, but my free time began to get swallowed up, so I made a promise to myself that I’d go to the “Office” every weekday. (The “office” being a coffee shop of my choosing where I wouldn’t be distracted by chores at my house). It’s been great, each location has done its job and allowed me to get my pen moving or my fingers tapping. But, I hadn’t found the perfect spot.

And then last week, when I was talking to a friend about looking for another “office” spot, she asked, “Have you tried the library?” The place I longed for, one that was quiet and where I’d be surrounded by books, was just minutes from my front door. Our local library.

WRITING PROMPT: Write about your favorite library.