Where is your favorite place to write? I’m enjoying testing out different coffee shops in my neighborhood. And it’s interesting that each one has done its job and helped me to sit down and focus on writing. I don’t allow myself to get on the Internet; I just grab some tea, find a table, open my computer and write. It’s a beautiful thing.

Last Tuesday when a table behind me got really chatty I found that the noise melted away as I began to write, when I got chilly at another place I simply asked for more hot water for my tea and wrapped my scarf around my neck and last Friday when the only spot left in my chosen café was a battered old sofa, I thought about driving to a different location but instead curled up with my computer on my lap and got to work.

Each day I put in some good time writing. I finished an article that I’m going to start submitting this week, I wrote my blog and I added some pages to my novel. And although I know that some locations are more conducive to writing, I’m finding that the key component is the commitment to get the writing done.

Where are some of your favorite places to write?

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