Often, simply having a destination in mind where you’d like to go, is all you need to get your body moving. Sometimes it’s a thundering waterfall or a stunning view from a mountaintop at the end of a hike, or a secluded beach at the midpoint of a bike ride. But an inspiring destination can also be as simple as your local coffee shop, where the thought of a warm cup of coffee, helps you get a mile or two in as you walk, or ride your bike, to start the day. Maybe it’s the pull of a neighborhood viewpoint where you like to walk your dog. Maybe it’s the local farmer’s market, a friendly gift shop or maybe it’s your local ballot box (a little reminder to VOTE).

Whatever the case, try using destinations for inspiration. This can help on a daily bases as well as throughout the year to change up your workouts. It’s also good to keep in mind when planning vacations. I enjoy hiking and my husband likes to bike, so we often plan our vacations with these in mind. Can we use bikes to get around the city? Can we rent mountain bikes to check out more parks, maybe ride to a lake? Is there a viewpoint to hike to? Maybe an awesome restaurant or bar that’s within walking distance (outdoor these days)?

If you’re having one of those days that you find it hard to get yourself going, think of one of your favorite spots in your neighborhood and go there. Walk, ride, or even skateboard, whatever you prefer. Or if just thinking of the destination inspires you (maybe it’s a quiet park or stairs with a view) you can even drive there and do a workout once you’re there. The key is don’t think, “I need to workout,” let that thought go. Instead think, “What sounds fun? Where can I go, what can I see, and what can I do, that I enjoy,” and use this thought process to help you get active and stay healthy.

What destinations inspire you?