Halloween is my husbands favorite holiday. I don’t love it like he does, but I do love putting together costumes. We don’t usually decide what to wear until the day of Halloween, but we always pull something together from costume filled boxes that take up most our storage space. Some are nice costumes from when my parent’s used to go to Fasching (German Masquerade Ball). My mom always made some great ones and they have been passed down to us. The rest of the items we have collected from Goodwills over the years. It’s just a matter of using our imagination, pulling things together and hitting a vintage or resale store to add some new punch.

Our Elvis costume (that I whipped together in one day twenty-five years ago) has seen better days but it still gets used from time to time, we’ve got 60’s, 70’s & 80’s covered with random vests, wigs, bell bottom pants, blazers and miscellaneous sundries. We even have a pair of my parachute pants. We’ve got sports jerseys, cowboy hats, UPS uniforms, and more. Enough to pull something together on the fly. Covid has put a dent into our usual fun, but my husband already said that he invited the neighbors to dress up and meet us on the front patio for a drink. I said I was in, now…what to wear?

What have been some of your favorite costumes? 

PROMPT #1: Write about something that scares you.

PROMPT #2: Write about your favorite costume or one you’d like to wear.

PROMPT #3: Caden wasn’t about to wear a costume unless…