I’m at a turning point in my life. My kids are about out of the house. I no longer coach high school basketball and I only model from time to time. I manage a couple of rental houses that keep me busy but I want to focus on writing. I do my share of writing, I blog, I’ve written a few articles and I’ve been working on my YA novel but I want to make a living writing.

Over the last couple of months I’ve read books and watched YouTube videos about being a full-time freelance writer by writing articles. I enjoy writing articles and thought, “I can do this!” But then I took a moment to think about what I really want, and I want to write books. I enjoy writing my blog and magazine articles from time to time (a recent one in the Miniature Gazette, Love In Every Little Step, shares my grandmother’s love of miniatures and love of life), but do I want to write articles full-time? The answer I found was no, I want to write books.

That was all I needed, to take a moment and listen to my heart. Now I have to set goals using my refreshed sense of focus and put in the time. Start making it happen one word, one page, one chapter at a time.

Think about what you really want in your life. Find your focus and then set goals to make it happen.

WRITING PROMPT: Write about what you want in your life. How will you make it happen?