Yesterday I noticed that there was a free concert at the library in our neighborhood. The Ladies Musical Club of Seattle was performing. Two sopranos were singing Mendelssohn and a pianist and violinist were playing Schubert and Brahms. I had to go.

Now I’m not a huge fan of classical music, but I enjoy it. When I was young I was in choir and my mom was always singing in a choir, so I have some appreciation, and though I couldn’t convince anyone else in my family to go, I made my way to the concert.

I sunk into my chair and listened, and when I closed my eyes it was difficult not to cry. It wasn’t that I was holding back tears of sadness, it was just that emotions were stirring inside me. Thoughts from my past, good and bad. I felt at home. I felt alive.

WRITING PROMPT: Sit down with your journal, or at your computer, and turn up some music that you haven’t listened to in years and see what happens.