I have homework due…yesterday. I’m not sure if the fact that it isn’t finished yet is because basketball consumes me this time of year, or if I’m simply avoiding getting to the real work on my young adult novel. Writing is a lot of fun, but it is hard work too. And writing a synopsis goes into the hard work category for me.

Today however, between picking up new basketballs at Baden Sports and getting a new score book for the JVC squad (whose game I will be coaching as well as the varsity game today) and coaching two games, I will make myself take a few moments to breathe and focus on my writing.

WRITING PROMPT #1: Take a moment to sit and breathe. Why do you write? What do you want to achieve with your writing? What stories are inside you? Write a list of your thoughts on writing.

WRITING PROMPT #2: Snug against the concrete wall, Lisa shivered as…