I love taking pictures.

But I have a real problem that’s arisen these days due to my digital camera. I don’t know what to do with all the images. I have taken so many photos, that my computer will no longer download them because it’s memory is full. (This is not a good thing).

I want the images on my computer, because that is where I have the program to make photo books. (That I’m about 6 years behind on.) Sometimes I wish I could return to a time with no technology. Back before pagers. Back when life was simple. Of course then I wouldn’t get so many great pictures. Pictures when people’s eyes are actually open and pictures when the lighting is just right.

I have put my camera away and vowed to finish some photo albums. And until I can splurge for a new computer, each time I watch TV, I’ll be sorting and deleting and  storing, making room for the next set of memories.

How do you save your memories?

WRITING PROMPT: Check out the photo above…now write.