Since Covid, life has been quite different for most of us. Many have lost family and friends, or had them fall deathly ill. Many of us have spent a lot of time at home and sequestered from much of the world. But now as the majority of the population begins to get vaccinated and Covid case numbers decline, what does it feel like for you as life returns to a new normal?

I know I’m happy to get out and see more people, but I am still hesitant when I go into a store where people are not wearing masks. I have close family and friends who are vulnerable and ones who could be negatively effected by a positive test, even if they don’t get sick. (Think of athletes who have missed out on games, matches and money after testing positive). Covid is still around, and though I’m vaccinated, I feel like I should do my part and be more careful. But what does careful mean these days?

I’m not sure. I don’t have the answers. But I do know that I’m trying to do my best to move forward and live a happy and full life in the new normal, and I hope you are too.

WRITING PROMPT #1: Write COVID at the top of your page/document and start writing.

WRITING PROMPT #2: How do you feel when you are around people without masks?

WRITING PROMPT #3: Kelsey took off her mask, tucked it into her purse and…