It was so nice to take in the sun this last Saturday. The Vitamin B lightened my mood. Or maybe it was watching the football game in our local park, or perhaps the chance to chat safely with a bunch of neighbors since we have all been sequestered inside of our homes most of the winter.

All I can say is, it was nice.

The weather can change your mood. Sometimes in surprising ways. I also love a rainy day as much as a sunny day (just not too many). It gives me a great excuse to hunker in. But when my husband looks out the window and sees rain, his entire body slumps down upon itself.

All of us are different.

When you’re writing, bringing in the weather can help create the mood of the scene and it can also give the reader a peak into your character’s personality.

For today’s prompts let’s delve into mood and weather.

WRITING PROMPT 1: Write about how a sunny day makes you feel, or a rainy day, or snowy day. Pick your favorite (or least favorite) weather front and write about it.

WRITING PROMPT 2: Write a season, spring, summer, winter, or fall, at the top of your page and write.

WRITING PROMPT 3: A burst of sunlight came through a crack in the door when…