With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I want to talk about moms. I’m lucky, I have a great relationship with my mom, but mother-daughter relationships can be complicated and often flex and change over time.

Here is an example from a time when I wasn’t that fond of my mom:

I’ve been eating, sleeping, and sitting in this house for thirteen days now and I want out. I’m with people I love, but I don’t care. I hate my mom for taking a leave of absence from work and being with me all day, for trying to help me get better when I don’t want to.

I hate the way the gold wire rims of her glasses accent her caring eyes.

I hate the way she cooks my favorite foods and tries to mask her disappointment when I don’t show any enthusiasm.

I hate the way she manages to think of my every need before I do, as a good mother should. And she is a good mother, a great mother, and right now I hate her for that.

(Read the full article here, A Mother’s Love)

WRITING PROMPT 1: Write about one of your favorite memories of your mom.

WRITING PROMPT 2: Write about a time that you and your mom did not get along.

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