Is anyone else working on getting your taxes together? I was supposed have my information together for my accountant today. I’m not quite there yet. Tax time is always a stressful, messy time for me. And it’s gotten worse since the arrival of technology. Now half of my tax information is lost somewhere in my emails, a bunch of bills and receipts are on paper and the rest I have to go find on websites.

I’m not a big fan of tax time.

I am lucky to have a kind and patient accountant to help me through it all, but still, when the deadline looms for me (Feb 28), I can get a little cranky. Writing has helped me through some really tough times in my life, and sometimes it can even help with the little things that make you cranky. And it can be great place to find writing inspiration so I thought we should give it a try in today’s writing prompts.

Pick one writing prompt or try them all…go!

WRITING PROMPT 1: Write about what makes you cranky.

WRITING PROMPT 2: Write the word TAXES on your paper and start writing.

WRITING PROMPT 3: Evelyn sat in a pile of papers around her desk and…