PEN TO PAPER: Vacation Time

Let’s talk vacations!

With things opening up a bit more, many of us are adventuring out on vacation. I just got back from my favorite spot in Montana. My grandparent’s lake cabin. I’ve been going there all of my life. It’s where I learned to paint and play cards, swim and waterski, make fancy pancakes and bake apple pie. And after walking to get our drinking water out of the spring (for several years), enjoying close views of bald eagles and hikes to the Turtle Pond, I also learned to appreciate nature.

Most of all I learned the true meaning of family.

Over the years I have returned to Montana, and with TV and cell phones put on the back burner, my kids have had some of the same experiences that I did, and have created many new ones of their own. Experiences that I know they will never forget.

What are some of your favorite vacation experiences?

WRITING PROMPT #1: Write about your favorite childhood vacation.

WRITING PROMPT #2: If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?

WRITING PROMPT #3: Even after Azelle bought the plane ticket, she still couldn’t believe that she was…



PEN TO PAPER: Rising Phoenix

As I was searching for a writing prompt photo I saw this picture and it reminded me of a young woman in the movie Rising Phoenix. She fences with no arms and no legs, and is just one of many amazing athletes who share their stories in this powerful movie. The movie covers how Paralympics first began, the road that it has traveled and how it has changed the way the world thinks about disability and the human spirit. Check out this powerful documentary the next time you are looking for a movie.

WRITING PROMPT #1: Look at the photo above and write.

WRITING PROMPT #2: Watch Rising Phoenix and write about it.

WRITING PROMPT #3: Veronica thought she would never…

PEN TO PAPER: Backwards History

Years ago, for a class writing exercise, we wrote our life story backward. There were no rules and it didn’t have to be perfect. Let’s give it a try. You can add a lot to each section or do the exercise several times for different parts of you life. (jobs, relationships, hobbies, etc). However you do it, it’s always interesting.

Example 1:

I am a divorced mother of three and a restaurant owner who loves to play tennis

Before that I was married, I waited tables and watched tennis on tv.

Before that I was single, I was in culinary school and I played tennis almost every day.

Before that….

Example 2:

I am a husband and I import toys from Europe.

Before that I was single and I traveled the world with my best friend.

Before that I barely graduated from high school.

Before that…

You get the idea.  Give it a try

WRITING PROMPT #1: Write your life’s history backwards. I am____________. Before that….

WRITING PROMPT #2: Simply write a story from your past

WRITING PROMPT #3: Daniel looked at the old photo album and…

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During my first season playing high school basketball, I averaged 3 points per game. The next year I averaged 17 points per game and was one of the leading scores in our league. What changed? I set a goal to become a better shooter, worked on my shot and tracked the whole process.

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Meet Sonya

Sonya Elliott’s memoir, Back on the Court: A Young Woman’s Triumphant Return to Life, Love & Basketball, is her story of finding hope in the wake of tragedy […]


Meet Sonya

Sonya Elliott’s memoir, Back on the Court: A Young Woman’s Triumphant Return to Life, Love & Basketball, is her story of finding hope in the wake of tragedy […]



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