What does Easter mean to you? For me it’s about spending time with family, decorating eggs, searching for eggs and eating good food.

When I was young, we always had some pretty intense Easter egg hunts. I wasn’t always a fan, because for some reason, I could never find as many eggs as my big brother. Fortunately as we got older, the hunts became a parents vs. kids event, and let’s just say I’m surprised we didn’t find a few eggs, weeks later, by smell. My brother and I hid one egg at the bottom of the flour bin on the top shelve of a kitchen cabinet. That’s crazy.

When my kids were young we had egg hunts, but it was the decorating that got intense. A heated competition developed with our neighbors that lasted for years. My husband was always the winner, at least in his mind. The rest of us have a different recollection of the final results, but no matter the winner we always had a blast.

I know that Easter is not about egg decorating and egg hunts, that it’s a Christian holiday celebrating the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but the egg portion of the holiday holds some eggcellent memories for me and is a great place to get some good story ideas.

WRITING PROMPT 1: Write about this Easter weekend or a past Easter that stands out in your memory. 

WRITING PROMPT 2: Write about what Easter means to you.

WRITING PROMPT 3: Braden took the egg and….