Wow, cars bring up a lot of memories for me. My first car was a gigantic white Buick Electra with a 455 engine (that means fast). It was white with a black top and velvety wine colored electric seats. Man, I had some adventures in that. Then came my reddish-orange Opal Manta, I loved that little pumpkin seed. Then I started my Volkswagen run with a VW rabbit, diesel. It was a nice car but it blew a head gasket going up the steep hill just west of Spokane. Next came my first real car, meaning the first one I bought myself , my red-hot sirocco, wolfberg addition. That baby took me back and forth across the state of Washington a million times, probably a bit faster than it should have, especially since the speed limit was 55 MPH at that time. Then came the love of my life (next to Jason, the kids and our dog of course), the Blue Bomber, my 1989 VW Blue Star Vanagon, that I’ve been driving for twenty-one years now.

I could write a book about my Vanagon adventures. Oh no, don’t get me started; I’m already working on two books. Enough about my cars, now it’s time to write about yours, and I’m guessing that you have just as many stories surrounding your cars, or cars that you have dreamed about driving, so let’s get writing.

WRITING PROMPT 1: Write about your first car, or your favorite car.

WRITING PROMPT 2: Write about a car you’d like to have.

WRITING PROMPT 3: Jessie set her hands on the steering wheel of the _______ and…