Years ago, for a class writing exercise, we wrote our life story backward. There were no rules and it didn’t have to be perfect. Let’s give it a try. You can add a lot to each section or do the exercise several times for different parts of you life. (jobs, relationships, hobbies, etc). However you do it, it’s always interesting.

Example 1:

I am a divorced mother of three and a restaurant owner who loves to play tennis

Before that I was married, I waited tables and watched tennis on tv.

Before that I was single, I was in culinary school and I played tennis almost every day.

Before that….

Example 2:

I am a husband and I import toys from Europe.

Before that I was single and I traveled the world with my best friend.

Before that I barely graduated from high school.

Before that…

You get the idea.  Give it a try

WRITING PROMPT #1: Write your life’s history backwards. I am____________. Before that….

WRITING PROMPT #2: Simply write a story from your past

WRITING PROMPT #3: Daniel looked at the old photo album and…