I wasn’t always a reader. And I still don’t read nearly as much as I probably should (being a writer), and for sure not as much as I would like. But I read more than I ever did when I was young.

Since I’m a slow reader, Audio books have helped speed up my pace. All I have to do is open my library app and put in my AirPods when I walk my dog or run errands, and I knock off a couple of chapters. Still, my favorite way to read is to hunker into a cozy chair with tea and a good old fashioned book and just immerse myself in the experience.

How much do you read? And what is your favorite way to do it?

WRITING PROMPT #1: When I read I…

WRITING PROMPT #2: Write “BOOKS” at the top of your page, or document, and start writing. 

WRITING PROMPT #3: Jenna picked up the latest book by _______________ and….